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Protecting the health and safety of the University community
and its environment



Working with radiation sources at the University of Utah requires appropriate authorization, training, and oversight. All work with radiation sources must be performed under a radiation work permit which is under the jurisdiction of a Responsible Users (RU).



Having a radiation work permit allows the acquisition and use of radioactive material and radiation-producing equipment in a manner that is safe and compliant. Click on “Maintain” for information on amending radiation work permits.



A radiation work permit often requires amending: approved radiation workers, types and/or amounts of material, locations, processes, etc. Click on “Change” for information helpful to sustaining radiation-related research.



Termination of radiation-related work must be done so in a way that radiation hazards from the permit are removed and all regulatory requirements are met. Click on “End” for information related to proper permit termination.



Last Updated: 2/21/19