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Message from the Radiation Safety Officer

Radiation is a powerful, widespread, and indispensable tool in modern society and at the University of Utah, whether it comes from an x-ray machine, a particle accelerator, or radioactive material. Radiation enables medical diagnosis, therapy, and basic research in almost all scientific disciplines. However, as popularized by Spider-Man*, with great power comes great responsibility

The responsibility to use radiation safely and responsibly rests with YOU, the user of radiation sources. However, the Radiation Safety Office exists to help you do that. The Radiation Safety Office is here to provide oversight, ensure compliance with Federal and State regulations, and to promote good health, well-being, and safety for the faculty, employees, students, and visitors engaged in the work of the University. There is no project, job, or research program so important that it cannot be done safely and compliantly.

Radiate Safety!

Frederick A. Monette
Director/Radiation Safety Officer
Radiation Safety Office


*To date, there is no direct evidence that radiation exposure results in superpowers, even if delivered by a radioactive spider.

Last Updated: 1/21/22