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Any person who plans to work with ionizing radiation is required to receive the appropriate safety training prior to engaging in radiation-related work. The University of Utah Environmental Health and Safety offers Radiation Safety Trainings for different radiation applications.

Currently, the initial portion of our required training is to be completed online through Bridge:

  • University Employees (i.e. faculty/staff) can access the online training in Bridge. The course is called: Radiation Worker Training Part 1: General Radiation Safety Online Training.
  • Individuals not part of the University or students who do not have a Bridge account and need to take these training must first complete the University of Utah Affiliate Form. To complete this form, you will need to know the name of the department that will be authorizing your work (this is not Radiation Safety or Environmental Health and Safety).  Once you have affiliate status and have been issued a University ID, you will then be eligible to complete the training through Bridge.

Once the online training and required forms are successfully completed in Bridge, the trainee should email the EHS Radiation Safety  (or call 801-581-6590) to sign up for the next required training course:

  • For Radioactive Material Users - Radiation Worker Training Part IIA: Radioactive Materials For Non-Clinical Use
  • For Radiation Machines/Equipment Users – Radiation Worker Training Part IIB: Radiation-Producing Equipment For Non-Clinical Use

All required trainings applicable to anticipated radiation use must be successfully completed for an individual to be authorized as a Radiation Worker. Only Radiation Workers are allowed to use radiation sources. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your work with radiation sources please contact us at 801-581-6590.

Declared Pregnant Worker

In addition to the basic information regarding pregnancy and radiation safety considerations provided in our general Online Radiation Training, Radiation Safety provides one-on-one Declared Pregnant Worker Training. This training is available to any University of Utah employee (faculty/staff) or student who works in a radiologically restricted area of the university and determines that they are pregnant, and wishes to officially declare their pregnancy to the Radiation Safety Officer. This is a voluntary decision for the pregnant individual, and there is no obligation to declare the pregnancy. To be considered an official declaration of pregnancy, individual must complete a Declaration of Pregnancy Form which will be provided during this training session (including the estimated date of conception (Month and Year)), for submission to Radiation Safety.

For those that voluntarily declare their pregnancy, a fetal dosimetry badge may be issued to you. If this is the case, further instruction for wearing the dosimetry badge and obtaining information regarding the fetal radiation exposure will be provided during the training.

Contact Radiation Safety at 801-581-6590, if you would like to schedule this training.

Research Irradiator (Non X-Ray)

Those who need to use the research irradiator (non x-ray) must take specialized training (not listed above) AND must undergo a process which includes fingerprinting and an FBI background check.  Please contact Brenda Smith, HSC Core Research Facility Operations, at 801-213-2927, or for information.

Those who will use X-ray Research Irradiators should follow the instructions at the top of this page and sign up for the appropriate Bridge courses.

Health Science/Medical Imaging

Health Science staff may acquire training through the Learning Management System (LMS) through University of Utah’s Pulse website. If you are seeking training for medical imaging (e.g. fluoroscopy) or other radiation-related needs within Health Sciences, more information can be found in the MIPRS Training and Education webpage in Pulse.

If you have more questions regarding these trainings, please contact the Medical Physics group in the Department of Radiology at (801) 585-0235.

We also offer non-mandatory Radiation Hazard Awareness Training for those who do not work with radiation directly, but who may work in or around areas where radiation is used. 

Note: This training does not require either of the processes listed above for ionizing hazard training or for use of the research irradiator.

Contact our office at 801-581-6590 if you need further information.

Last Updated: 3/12/24